Fort Myers Derby Girls

1) Derby Name: Little Ricky a.k.a. Pornstachio a.k.a. Squirrel Nutz

2) Derby Name Meaning or Story: Little Ricky because I am tall but not as tall as my father. Some fans dubbed me Pornstachio when I wore a fake mustache during a home bout. (I was teasing another ref who had a large Mario Bros mustache) by the end of the bout fans were calling me Pornstachio and asking for pictures. I don’t know why Bruce calls me squirrel nutz.

3) Number meaning: Don’t have one

4) When and why did I join FMDG? 2011. I became an NSO (Non-skating Official) as a way to travel with the team for free. While at an away game in Jacksonville, I had to wait for the derby girls to get ready. Super Fresh (Bruce) invited me into his room. He and Cherry sat me down on the bed and locked the door…. They encouraged me to join the ref squad. Bruce dubbed me Squirrel Nutz at that time…

5) What do you do for a living?  I study History at FGCU

6) Husband’s/bf’s derby name if they have one, and years together? My boyfriend’s name is Britzkrieg, she wears the pants in the relationship… while I prefer not wearing pants at all…

7)  Any injuries?  When and where? None. Knock on wood.

8)  Favorite game/derby moment and why? At a Misdemeanors game I was standing at a urinal when a gentlemen approached the urinal next to me and said “You are doing a good job tonight if you can stay on your feet the rest of the game I’ll win the bet”.  Apparently some fans had been betting on if I would fall at all during the game and if I did when. I made sure not to fall.

9) Any sorts of stats/awards we can share? I won “Best Ref of 2012”

10)  What do you love about derby? The people

11) How has derby changed/impacted you in a positive way? I have gotten used to people yelling at me…

12) Any tips for people that want to skate/ref/volunteer/announce with FMDG? Be patient, and know when to keep your head down, know when to stand up for yourself, and always remember no one is a worse skater than I was in the beginning.