Fort Myers Derby Girls



Derby Name:  Mr. Wizard

Derby Name meaning or story & why/when you joined FMDG:  When I first started with the league back in about August or September of 2007 and we were getting ready to hold our first ever bout, Hexibition Night 10/14/07, the plan was to use a old bar A frame chalkboard sign for displaying the scores. This was back when we use to use shower caps for helmet covers at scrimmage. I found a nice little scoreboard program an we rented a screen and projector. After a few game and adding the intro video and dealing with other technical issues ( stringing a few hundred feet of audio and video cables across the ceiling ever bout) The girls decided I needed a derby name. I think it was Flyin Da Brie old 420 came up with the name Mr. Wizard cause I made the magic happen.

What do you do for a living? How long? Building aluminum Impact hurricane widows

Any Injuries? When and where? Other than after party hangovers, no real derby related injuries

Favorite Game/Derby moment and why? The Tally away game and the sexy bathrooms…

Any sort of stats/awards we can share from the games? I have run he scoreboard and stuff for every FMDG home bout except one (my brother picked a fine time to get married).

What do you love about derby? The eclectic people it draws.

How has derby changed/impacted you in a positive way? It gets me out.

Any tips for people that want to skate with us or ref or nso? Just do it!