Fort Myers Derby Girls


bradentucky-250Derby Name: Momma Vader

Derby Name Meaning or Story: I was named after Skate Invader or Vader for short.

Number meaning: 813 is Vader’s birth weight – 8 lb 13 oz

When and why did I join FMDG? I joined FMDG in the summer of 2012 so that I could get NSO training to assist my daughter’s team. Since I live in Fort Myers, it made since for me to also assist the team providing my training.

What do you do for a living? I play with computers all day. No actually, I lead the team that maintains the billing and accounts receivable software for a hospital company based out of Naples.

Husband’s/bf’s derby name if they have one, and years together? The only family I have in derby is my daughter, Skate Invader, and her husband, Nauti Buoy. Vader and Nauti Buoy have been in derby over 4 years now.

Any injuries? As NSO, I shouldn’t have any injuries more serious than a paper cut.

Favorite game/derby moment and why? As a scorekeeper in the bout Bradentucky vs Alachua Hunnies getting to actually watch the game and keep track of all the points that Vader was scoring as jammer. I was so proud of my baby

Any sorts of stats/awards we can share? Only award to date was the NSO of the Year from the Fort Myers Derby Girls. Thank you all.

What do you love about derby? Derby allows me to still be involved in organized sports in a different role.

How has derby changed/impacted you in a positive way? Derby is helping keep me young at heart.

Any tips for people that want to skate/ref/volunteer/announce with FMDG? Come to some practices and see what is involved behind the scenes.