Fort Myers Derby Girls


Derby Name meaning or story? Fallanator has been my nickname at work for over 10 years!

How did you decide on your number? My number 219 was easy to pick! My friend and I had a crazy fun night placing $2.19 stickers all over another friends house!

How long have you been with FMDG? I have been with FMDG since February 2014.

What are some of your other hobbies? Roller Derby is my favorite hobby, but I do enjoy kayaking, biking, outdoor skating, and camping.

Favorite game or derby moment and why? My favorite moment so far was playing in Beach Brawl. I was rostered for the 2 bouts that weekend but was sure I wouldn’t actually play. I was playing in B level bouts at that time and both games were sanctioned. I was so excited that the team and coach thought I was ready for this level of play!!

How has derby changed/impacted you? Derby has changed my life in many ways. I love being part of a team and really we are for the most part, a family. All the skaters, Refs, NSOs and volunteers make up our awesome FMDG family. We all work hard together on and off the track.