Fort Myers Derby Girls

20150323-pinkieDerby Name: Pinkie Swears

Derby Name meaning or story?

I love the color Pink, I wanted something that combined MLP’s Pinkie Pie with something catchy. I got a lot of suggestions of different things that go with “Pinkie” and Pinkie Swears ended up being fun and had a great pose to go with it (see my pic!).

How did you decide on your number?

Retired skater Tawna Brix gave it to me for my first scrimmage practice

How long have you been with FMDG?


What are some of your other hobbies?

Horseback riding, reading, superhero/comic movies/TV, cosplay, collecting dogs (ha!), swimming in my mermaid tail, cars/racing

Favorite game or derby moment and why?

During my first year skating on the league, I met my future husband. He ended up becoming a part of the league as an NSO. He enjoyed it so much, he learned how to quad skate (even with a bad leg!) and has since become a referee. Back when he was an NSO, he planned his proposal to me with Fallanator (who is a jeweler in her “day life”) after the last bout of my first season. It was a complete surprise and since some of his friends knew, it is on video for us to remember forever. I love that he knew how important derby and my teammates were to me, enough to create a proposal around such a huge part of my life.

How has derby changed/impacted you?

I grew up roller skating, doing gymnastics, cheerleading and riding horses. As an adult female, there are not a lot of athletic activities available to you that; A. don’t cost an arm and a leg, and B. are at times when 9-6 working people can participate. Derby has given me an athletic activity that doesn’t decimate my bank account, has gotten me in better shape, has improved my asthma, is at a time of day I can make practices, has given me more female friends (which are so much harder to make as an adult!), and encourages me to work harder on myself to flourish in an enjoyable sport. ALL while having fun and learning something different from any activity I’ve ever experienced. I think without derby in my life, I would be a lazy, fat kid. LOL

What are your aspirations for this league and yourself?

I hope to build our team back up with hard working ladies who love this sport. We are losing a lot of our OG skaters next season and I think it’s an exciting time to build up a new team, work on new goals and grow. I look forward to building the league as a whole to a level where someday we are able to pursue D2 champs. I hope to enjoy this sport for a long time – as long as my body will let me! 🙂