Fort Myers Derby Girls

Derby Name meaning or story?
I’ve always been fascinated with weather. I also share my name with a category five hurricane. 

How did you decide on your number?
It goes along with my derby name.

How long have you been with FMDG?
I started playing derby in 2014 for Flint Roller Derby, in Michigan. I transferred to FMDG in 2016.

What are some of your other hobbies?
Baking and crafty stuff.

Favorite game or derby moment and why?
My favorite derby moment was up in Michigan. We had a 9 woman roster for the season and ended up taking 2nd place in the D2 Mitten Kitten tournament. It was a great accomplishment, for us! Half of the team had only been rostered a year or less.

How has derby changed/impacted you?
Derby has become my life. Most of what I do revolves around it. I’ve made so many great friends through this sport. I consider some of them family.

What are your aspirations for this league and yourself?
I just want to continue improving, as a player, and hopefully have a winning season.