Fort Myers Derby Girls

Derby Name meaning or story? I had to ask my boss to come in late to work to be able to attend practice, he said yes as long as I get to pick your derby name. 

How did you decide on your number? I am 4ft 11 inches tall.

How long have you been with FMDG? This will be my third year.

What are some of your other hobbies? I have a 73 super beetle and a 74 vw thing I like to work on. 

Favorite game or derby moment and why? Getting to go to rollercon for the first time. It was so helpful to learn from so many experienced skaters, plus I got to marry my derby wife.

How has derby changed/impacted you? I have made so many awesome friends and have become so much stronger.

What are your aspirations for this league and yourself? I want to survive my first year on the board of directors.