Fort Myers Derby Girls

Holding Recruitment every Saturday morning, 8am

Please email to let us know you’ll be there. 

Location: Bamboozles Skating & Event Center: 2095 Andrea Lane, Fort Myers

You must be a female skater and be 18 years of age or older. You can attend Recruitment any Saturday morning. Email us to get the information on how you can sign up and start skating that week! Come out and watch practices, take skating lessons at Bamboozles and get on skates as much as possible . While you’re preparing to join our team, visit to familiarize yourself with the modern day version of roller derby and the rules! Being able to skate is just half of the “gig”. Knowing the sport and how it’s played is the other half.

When do you host recruitment nights and new skater orientations?

Recruitment is held every Saturday morning. Please contact for more information on upcoming recruitment nights or to rsvp.

Do I have to be a seasoned skater to make the team?

We’re currently accepting skaters of all abilities and backgrounds. Don’t know how to skate? We will teach you! Being a derby girl is a lot more than just being a good skater.

How can I get ready to join your training program?

First off, get to know us! Come see our games to gain an understanding of what’s involved. Get to know the rules (you can view a complete copy of the rules by visiting ) and then skate, skate, and skate some more! The more comfortable you are on your skates, the faster you will pick up the game.

What equipment will I need for orientation and recruitment?

No equipment will be necessary for the orientation / recruitment. If you decide to join, you will need to bring a check for the amount of $120 to pay for your WFTDA Insurance, first months dues, and registration fee along with a copy of your drivers license.

Once you begin your official practices you will be required to wear a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, a mouthguard and quad roller skates.

When will I be put on a team and get a derby name?

Any skater who would like to join our league will first start training in our Minnows program. At the beginning of the training program you will be given a list of minimum skating skills you will need to master through out the course of your training. This list of skills is broken up into 4 levels / mile stones of skating and derby play ability that you will learn at your own pace with our trainers in a group class setting. Once training is completed and you’ve completed our minnows program you’ll be assigned to our Misdemeanors team and you can claim your derby name and number. There is a national registry of roller derby names, as no two skaters (or refs!) can have the same name. But remember: the sport is more than just a cool name and an awesome outfit. Worry about your name after you have the skating down pat.

How much of a time commitment is required to be a Fort Myers Derby Girl?

Roller derby is a big commitment: it’s like a second (or third) job. You’ll be expected to attend league practices for around two hours at least twice a week in addition to team practices that are scheduled a few times a month. In addition to practices, everyone is expected to work at bouts and other official events and fundraisers. We’re not telling you this to scare you, but we want to be honest: If the time commitment is too much, maybe being a skater isn’t the right fit for you right now.

Are there a lot of injuries?

Injures do happen BUT we work really hard to prevent as many injuries as possible (by spending lots of time on how to skate safely) . As mentioned above, full protective gear is required for all skaters (and refs!) and we follow that rule strictly. Although primary health insurance is not currently required if you want to skate with us, every skater (and ref!) are required to purchase WFTDA insurance. The insurance offeres coverage if injured during an official practice or bout. This supplemental insurance is extremely affordable and is required. But, primary health insurance is still strongly recommended.

In order to begin training you will need to obtain the following equipment:

Mandatory gear- Helmet ( skateboard or hockey style – not bicycle ) , Wrist Guards, Knee Pads and Elbow pads, and a mouth guard- All of these can be purchased at Bamboozles or other sporting goods stores.
Skates- (Do not buy cheap skates!!) – Bamboozles carries a full stock of acceptable skates, and can help assist you in your skate selection and even have custom created packages that include good beginning skates and all of your mandatory protective gear for a great price!
Optional Gear- Extra padding like padded shorts and bras can be ordered at Sin City Skates or Rink Rash Skate wear

What money you need to get started :

Insurance- $60.00 Registration / Enrollment Fee – $20.00 (covers set up cost and paperwork)
First Months Dues- $40.00 Total – $120.00
*$120 is due the day of skater registration*

Practices for new recruits are at Bamboozles Skating Rink on Saturday mornings from 8am-10am.

Who to Contact:

If you have questions about becoming a Fort Myers Derby Girl, please contact
TeKillYa Sunshyne at .